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In 2013, the idea of establishing education programs for deaf children and impoverished girls was a dream that seemed out of reach. But that dream has now become a reality.

We are working in Cameroon where we reach out to the rural communities and work with young girls to educate them about their rights, female development and the value of an education. We teach women how to make washable sanitary pads and how to develop their own enterprise.

We believe that education is the means to change the world.

Removing barriers that keep girls out of school.

Helping girls to get an education has made us look at the barriers that are keeping girls out of school. Safe water access and sanitation are huge problems in the Sub Sahara. Girls are so exhausted after fetching water for their families that they stay home. Bringing safe water close to their homes will give them time and energy to attend school.

We have plans to drill our first well in the rural community of Alamandum where they are currently forced to collect water from a contaminated stream. Our program will not only bring safe water to the school children, we will be teaching the children the importance of using safe water for cooking and drinking.

You can help us bring safe water to Alamandum. Find out how.

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Who is St. Mary Crucifissa Di Rosa? 

St. Mary Crucifissa di Rosa lived in the 1800's in Italy. In 1836, St. Mary di Rosa brought in impoverished girls to give them an education and founded a school for deaf children. St. Mary di Rosa dedicated her life to the care of the sick and poor.

We selected St. Mary di Rosa for the name of our non-profit corporation as she personifies all that we wish to achieve. We believe that all children deserve an education and equal rights.

St. Mary di Rosa Academies' principles of charity, social justice and equity in education are the foundation of our Corporate Values. St. Mary di Rosa's Feast Day is December 15th.

We believe in the empowerment of women and girls.

Bigna villagers

Traveling out to the rural communities, brings us into villages where we distribute washable sanitary pads and teach women and girls about menstrual hygiene management. Your donation today will help us continue in our efforts to educate and empower women and girls.