Safe Water Initiative

What does a well have to do with education?

You may wonder why drilling a well in a Cameroonian rural community has anything to do with education. The simple fact is that 8 out of 10 people living in rural communities lack access to safe water. Every day young girls are responsible for fetching water for their families that is used for drinking, cooking and washing. Too tired after completing their chores, girls stay home from school. A new well brings safe water access into the village, while improving the health and welfare of the entire community. Girls will have more time to attend school. Read more about our program and how you can help.


Gabila Neba is our lead, borehole drilling expert. His skills are bringing safe water to communities.

Educational Programs for Deaf Children

In Cameroon, and throughout most of the Sub Sahara, deaf children are isolated, abused, and considered a burden to the family. As our mission to educate impoverished children includes the deaf, we feel very fortunate to have partnered with CERSOM School for the Deaf, which is located in Bafoussam. CERSOM is a residential school and has approximately 100 students. They are taught French sign language, academics and vocational skills.

Sponsorship Program

We developed a sponsorship program for the students as they generally come from extremely poor families and are financially unable to pay for their food and lodging. In 2016, we were thrilled to have donors sponsor 3 of the deaf children.

Manuela celebrates the news of her sponsorship with her friends.

You can be a sponsor too. Click here to select the child you wish to sponsor.










Gender Clubs

Recent studies have shown that gender clubs are a means of reducing the number of out of school children. Traditional classrooms are not conducive to open discussions of lifeskills, sexual development and psychological stress factors of maturing in a developing country. The gender club concept takes youth out of the classroom, meets after school hours and promotes team building and leadership.


Workshops for Women & Girls

Our reproductive health program is ongoing and includes workshops on puberty development, life skills, and menstrual hygiene management. Our washable sanitary pad training class has been highly successful. Classes for the upcoming months will be held in the NorthWest and SouthWest regions.


Bringing Technology into the Classroom

Our team member, Ms. Ngassa, is a civil engineer, STEM advocate and technical educator with over 10 years of teaching technology at a technical college. She founded an NGO, CYEED (Center for Youth Education and Economic Development) in Bamenda, where she trains girls on application design and development, HTML/website building, Microsoft application software and more. She constantly advocates for girls to study and learn computer language technology. Ms. Ngassa is a dynamic changemaker and is a definite asset to our team.

CYEED girlsTechnovation participants 2016.