Bringing technology into the classroom

Our team member, Sophie Ngassa, is a technical, civil engineering educator, as well as the Executive Director of CYEED, or Center for Youth Education and Economic Development. CYEED is a vocational, technical training and entrepreneurship development center for youth that provides hands-on training utilizing developer technology.  As most secondary schools in the Sub Sahara do not offer classes in computer technology, she founded the center to give youth access to training in software application development. As there is a high demand for software developers, this center not only improves youth self-confidence and esteem, it develops employable skills and job opportunities.


Ms. Ngassa,  is a refreshing, dynamic leader, who is passionate about motivating girls to study computer technology and programming.  She has taught technology for over 10 years, and continues to grow academically and professionally.

TechWomen and STEM technology programs are supported by the US Embassy, US Department of State Education and Cultural Affairs, and implemented by IREX.



Technology Workshops for Women & Girls

Our workshops are designed to empower youth by instilling a passion for technology. We encourage creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit, as our goal is to inspire youth to realize their dreams to become inventors, designers, and builders in the technology industry.



We make computer programming easy. Our workshops are designed for youth aged 10 to 25. Our program includes an introduction to HTML (webpage development), Python (basic programming), animations/ video games, blog creation and project development.  Our students are learning technological skills in application development that are taking them into the next generation of power computing.

Tech girls

Ms. Ngassa's enthusiastic manner has generated a definite attitudinal shift towards the selection of the sciences and technology as a career choice for girls.